About Us

CR Group's History

Since our inception the CR Group has grown exponentially. Established in 1947 as a timber industry business, CR Group ventured into authorised dealership & sale promotion of Cement distribution and further extended its arms into manufacture and assembly of Power Battery, Home Furnishing products such as Mattresses, PU Foams etc. Over the last 72 years, the Group has established itself as a leading business tentacles with the very aim of serving the power battery, furnishing & cement industry of Jammu wholesomely. In doing so, a host of other sister companies have been formed to further consolidate its set objectives.

CR Group's Founder

Late Sh. Chajju Ram Gupta

Late. Sh. Chajju Ram Gupta Founder CRGS

CRG & Sons founded by Late. Sh. Chajju Ram Gupta, from whom our group draws its initials. He was highly respected in the industry for his acumen & who had the courage to constantly charter into unexplored waters and made "Thinking Big. Doing Better" a natural philosophy that is embodied in our daily lives. Each one of us takes pride in what we do and each one of us sincerely believes we are doing our part in nation building and touching the lives of millions of people positively.

His story is not a story of privilege or entitlement. It is a story of grit and gumption; of struggle against incredible odds; of dreams, and the striving and self belief that turned them into reality. With steadfast determination to contribute in nation building, branched off on his own, to start as in timber industry in 1947,and laid the foundation of CR Gupta & Sons.