" Leading the Way For The Perfect Journey Of Success "

Late Sh. Chajju Ram Gupta

CR Group Founder - A Man With A Vision

Founded by Late. Sh. Chajju Ram Gupta, from whom it draws its initials, the company has grown business tentacles with the very aim of serving the power battery, furnishing & cement industry of Jammu wholesomely. In doing so, a host of other sister companies have been formed to further consolidate its set objectives.

Our purpose is to grow consistently and meet all of our customer's needs. We manufacture products to suit our client's specifications. Using our latest hi-tech machinery, we ensure high-quality production. Commitment to social responsibility and building a healthy society, a proactive approach for innovative social contributions and leveraging our unique expertise.

CR Group provides the best service for sustainable progress.

Highest Standard

Advanced state of the art machinery help us deliver quality products that last longer.

Best in the Market

Superior quality & loyal customer base makes us highly trusted and accepted in the market.

Expert Professionals

Highly trained and experienced workers provide timely & best results for our company.